INTO SubSearch is designed to help teachers find substitute work - whether just out of college or seeking part-time employment. Here's how it works: Subs register their profiles and availability on the site - while Principals can search for registered subs in their area. SubSearch mobile is now also available for your smartphone! It works on Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7 and modern versions of blackberry.


Substitute teachers are reminded that since the commencement of the National Vetting Bureau Act on 29 April 2016, they may not commence employment in a school without providing a vetting disclosure from the National Vetting Bureau (NVB). Vetting received from the Garda Central Vetting Unit/ a Teaching Council vetting letter will not be sufficient. Schools are no longer permitted to appoint teachers pending vetting.

Where a school has, prior to 29 April, received a copy of the Teaching Council vetting letter in respect of a teacher it is not necessary to obtain a vetting disclosure from the NVB prior to employing that teacher as a substitute.

To enable a school to obtain a disclosure from the National Vetting Bureau a substitute teacher must apply for vetting through the Teaching Council, and have received an email from the Teaching Council containing a link to their vetting disclosure, which can be accessed by potential employers through Digitary (the Teaching Council's online portal).

For further details see Circular 31/2016 ( and

Into INTO are committed to supporting and facilitating opportunities for teachers and in particular, young teachers who are struggling to gain valuable experience in the classroom which will ultimately increase their chances of full-time employment

Principals - immediately find subs (by date / by location)

Subs can register availability in up to 3 locations.

Subs renew availability on weekly basis, thus ensuring accuracy.

Privacy - only registered principals can view sub contact details.